About us


We are specialised in converting container into Offices & Homes.
Why choose our container mobile house/office/storage unit
Roofing, floor and electrical system are completely prefabricated by factory, which make field installation much easier and faster. Our container house can be moved as a whole, or be compressed, and packaged for transportation.
By using our container house, it is easy to finish the foundation construction work. And the characteristic of easy-installation enables us to use them immediately when needed.
They can be used circularly and will not produce any construction waste. Waterproof design of roofing enhances the air tightness and water tightness of the house.
Insulation material used to enhance modest temperature
Completion within 7days of deposit.
Whether you are brand new to Mobile Office/habitat or an existing customer that wishes to order online, send request via info@containermobileoffice.com